How Do I Place An Order?​

We typically have walk in traffic to our brick and mortar however, if you would like to start the process and have an idea of what you are looking for, you can email our art department directly at artdept@mangotees.com.  If you have your artwork in digital format, we will accept editable PDF's, .AI, .SVG, .PNG, .PSD.  We ask that all fonts be created to curves or outlines or include the font file.  For general questions, you can email our sales team directly at sales@mangotees.com.


The process generally starts with a concept or idea based around the theme or event in which you might need T-shirts for.  Some examples of themes might include sports teams, school spirit, church camps, corporate printing, start up businesses, weddings, birthdays, walks/runs, clothing lines, really the list is limitless and its not just limited to shirts.  We like talking to our clients face to face to get a real feel of what the client is looking for.  Once we have an idea and a general direction, we then take it to our art department and begin to come up with a few designs for you to select from.  


What is Screenprinting vs. DTG - Direct to Garment

Screenprinting is the method of using a silkscreen in a frame to produce an image on a garment by pushing ink through a screen onto your garment, making each garment a custom handprint product.  We handprint all of our garments to make sure you the client get the best quality custom garments.  So you may ask, Why not use other websites for your custom shirts?  Did you know that most other websites offering     T-shirts use a method called DTG or Direct to Garment.  Direct to Garment is a method in which they spray or pretreat a shirt with a chemical and then place each shirt onto a big inkjet printer on a single platten machine.   They lay the chemical sprayed shirt onto the platten, press a button and the machine prints unlimted colors onto the shirt.  This method is great for just one shirt the problem with this method is that in the matter of one or two washes, the T-shirt becomes Dull and Faded because after all, it is a waterbase ink on top of a pretreat chemical laying on top of the actual fibers on the shirt.  So basically you are washing away the layers of ink each time you wash the shirt.  NO ONE wants a faded and dingy shirt.


Here is why NOT to buy just from any website T-shirt printing company.  When you order shirts from other DTG websites, you end up paying a higher dollar amount for a T-shirt that fades and not to mention you still have to pay shipping.  We try to offer affordable T-shirts/garments that will remain high quality for years to come.  We also strive to have the best customer relationships with all our clientele, when other sites do not even provide one on one customer service. 


Payment & Shipping

After corresponding with our artist, we begin the process by asking for a deposit to secure the job.  Instead of charging an art fee, like most screen shops, we will send you one free proof.  We then ask for a deposit of half up front because time is money and our art still takes time from our other jobs.  Payment is for the T-shirts or garment, the printing, the art, setup fees and materials needed to print that specific job.  We never re-charge you another setup fee, unless you change the print design.  We try to make the flow of ordering and paying very easy.  We do take payment via paypal, cash, and credit card.


Returns & Refunds

We ask you to check your order before you leave our store.  If there are any discrepancies at the time of pickup, we will replace any shirt that may be our error.  We try to assure all of our garments are of industry standard and ready to go once you recieved them.  We prefold and package according to size.  Once the garments leave our facility we are not liable for any returns, miscounts, misprints, tears, unravels, or any other nature of such.  Some silkscreen inks do crack.  Plastisol inks are plastic based, meaning after you wash it a couple of times and dry it that plastic wants to crack.  It doesn't always happen, but sometimes can and we do replace shirts that this may happen to within 5 days.  We do not refund gaments that are custom printed, but we do replace any misprints or undercured shirts that might have been out of our control.  We ask for email approval or signature approval in store before every job to make sure that there are no errors in communications.  We want you to leave a happy and reuturning customer!


Thank you for shopping with us!